chntpw saves the day

Of course, I don’t know how it happened … but I “lost” my Windows password.  And of course my account was the only active admin account on the machine (the default admin account was not enabled) — and I did not have a password reset disk.  What I did have, fortunately, was Ubuntu installed as a second OS.  And fortunately, before I gave in and reinstalled Windows, or spent $20 on a password reset tool, I learned about chntpw.  Now, it took some trial and error to get it to do what I needed, even after installing the newer 64-bit Debian package (the Ununtu 10.04/64 package doesn’t work, at least not with Windows 7 at whatever patch level I’m at now).  I found that the only thing that worked was to enable the default admin account (Administrator).  I tried setting my password to blank, resetting my password, and unlocking my account.  All that only succeeded in disabling my account completely.  But whatever, the Administrator account did the trick, nothing was lost, and several hours were saved.  And there was much rejoicing.